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Snack making Machinery

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We specialize in catering to all of your commercial kitchen equipment needs. You can find all of your commercial kitchen equipment needs by browsing our great collection of start of the art, sustainable products and services. You can find commercial dry and wet pulveriser, wet grinder, dough kneader, different kind of chapati, roti making machines, automatic fruits and vegetable peeler, multipurpose vegetable cutter which can slice, grating, dice, cubes, strips, green chili cutter, onion chopper, mixer, grinder, blander, electric stirrer ( hand mixer / agitator ) , gas and electric grills, plates, dosa plates, and many more... You will fall in love with the results you get and the added bonus is that they are eco-friendly. Browse our selection today and find your favorite. This is all a equipment of us proving you with the best customer care and ensuring satisfaction.

Hand operated Potato chips making machines

Potato chips making machinesEnlarged View

Slicer is a compact counter top unit capable of slicing custom orders of homemade potato chips, sweet potatoes, tarot, plantain, carrots, zucchini, and onion rings. It can consistently cut product into slices ranging in thickness from .062" to .250", depending on your application, by utilizing interchangeable cutting rotors. It is a manual feed machine. The cutting rotor is contained inside the unit, for safety. Blades are disposable. Easy to clean with a warm sponge

Advantages of potato chips making macines

The advantages of potato slicer are :

  • It is more economical and cost-effective for the food service industry.
  • Potatoes can be sliced in different shapes like round, straight
  • It is less time consuming and easy to operate.
  • Entire potato is cut and used. There is least or no wastage of food item.
  • It is made up of sturdy materials like stainless steel, aluminium

Operation of potato chips making machines

The Potatoes are poured into a funnel shaped chute. As they slide down the chute they are oriented lengthwise. A revolving paddle / disk pushes the potato through a stationary knife, cutting a slab the length and width of the potato. The slab is cut crosswise by a set of revolving knives. All knives are made of hardened stainless steel giving them extended life and the ability to retain a sharp cutting edge. The only moving part is mounted on a shaft which revolves in a ball bearing. A little edible grease occasionally is all the lubrication needed. The potato chips making machins is powered by electric motors or are operated manually.

cunstruction of potato chips making machines

On the basis of mechanical principles, potato slicers is manual low speed slicer. The potato slicer consists of rotating discs having radial knives. There is a vertical shaft on which the disc revolves. Cylinders are mounted on a disc in which potato is feeded. The plate and the main frame on which the disc is mounted are made up of metals like stainless steel, & aluminium. There is a cutter which cuts the potatoes in different sizes and shapes. like franch fry, helical strip, wafer, chips, The slicer is powered by electric motors or are operated manually.

Applications of potato chips making machines

This potato chips making equipment is designed for processing crinkle cut french fries. The Potato Slicer is currently used by restaurants, hospitals, schools, circus & fairs, institutions and sporting events.

Standared accesories of potato chips making machines

  • Two numbers of disk one for slice, one for franch fries.
  • A handel for manual operate.

Extra accesories of potato chips making machines

  • 0.5 H.P. ( 0.38 Kw.) 4 pole sinlgle or three phase electric motor.
  • Motor pulley with V belts, and electrical fittings.

Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the rights to alter and/or amend dimensions/design without prior notice.
The figure for capacities given are for guideline only may very force case to case and depending many factors.

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