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Size Reduction Equipments

The purpose of these plate type grinding mills is to grind up small foods between two spinning coarse surfaces. Some foods that the burr mills are used for are coffee, pepper, salt, whole garlic and any small food product. The only function of the burr mills is to create grounded up food. They don’t heat food or cook or mix it in any way. The burr mill has one single function. The two most popular foods that burr mills are associated with today are black pepper and coffee.

Disc Pulveriser

Discl PulveriserEnlarged View

Description of Disc Pulveriser
Disc pulverisers or crushers have two roughened graded cast iron plates. One plate is stationary and the other one rotates. Grain feed between the plates is crushed and sheared. Type and spacing of plates determines fineness of the feed. These mills are better adapted to grinding coarse grains than hammer mills. However, they will not handle high moisture grain satisfactorily because of low capacity. Jas Disc type grinding mills (bullet) flour mill machines are manufactured by the company with high tech professional and updated technical needful and up to the satisfaction of the customers.

Key Features of Disc pulveriser

  • Rigid Construction
    • The Machine is fitted with ball bearings instead of metal Bushes. Therefore easy and free rotating mechanism is provided.
  • An eccentric assembly is provided to vibrate the kava for uniform of grains because of this system the shaft does not move. Only the cone moves forward and backward.
  • Lower power consumption is required because of low fiction losses.

Operations of Disc pulveriser

The regulating wheel is for distance between the plates to achieve the required fineness. On starting the mill the regulating wheel should be turned clockwise until the plates just touch. The setting for the material being ground is then made by turning the wheel a few notches either way, because the wheels are being locked in this position by the click.
The feed control screw is for regulating the rate of flow of material by adjusting the angle of the feed hopper. The ground material will vary with the feed rate as well as with the adjustment of the plates. If a fine ground material is required a low feed rate should be applied. The hand nut on the feed control screw should be locked with the wing nut after setting. If it is required to stop the flow of material, the feed control screw can be lifted up and the cross pin engaged in the slot provided to hold it in the 'off' position.
Grinding dry material: start the mill and adjust the regulating wheel until the plate’s just touch. Feed the material into the plates. After the required setting, close the plates two or three notches. Adjust the feed control until the required fineness is obtained. If the sample is not fine enough, close the plates further two or three notches. If the click holder which carries the regulating wheel opens away from the front, tighten the springs so that the click holder closes.
Important: Before closing the plates the material must be fed into the plates and the plates must be opened before shutting off the feed to prevent the plates being damaged by running together.
Kibbling: start the mill and adjust the regulating wheel until the plate’s just touch. Open the plates a few notches. Adjust the feed to give required fineness. A high output of kibbled material will be obtained.
Grinding wet maize: start the mill and adjust the regulating wheel until the plate’s just touch. Open the plates one or two notches. Adjust the feed to give required fineness.

Servicing guidelines of Disc pulveriser

Daily lubrication:

  • Use good quality clean lubricating oil.
  • Slide open top lid and check that bearings have sufficient oil and the rings are rotating on the shaft.
  • Fill up if necessary and close the top lid.
  • Fill oil on the front and check that the wick is in the wick holes and is also in the oil.
  • Fill oil well in the jigger. Oil other moving parts

Bearings: bearing housings are located on the frame by dowels and sealing is affected by rubber 'O' rings, which engage in grooves on spindle. The entry of the spindle into the box is seated in a similar manner.
Setting new plates: to obtain the best results, care must be taken when fitting new plates or reversing the old ones. The plates should touch all rounds in any spindle position. A piece of paper inserted between the plates can be used to check before fitting the front to the mill.
It is important that the spindle bearings are not moved on the free frame as this may interfere with the plate settings.

The different specifications of our Disc pulveriser include

Mondel No of Burr Mill SPEED Plate Size  OUTPUT Kg./ Hr PULLEY
RPM BHP Fine Medium Coarse Size
Jas-1A 600 4-6 10" 80 150 300 10" x 3.5"
Jas-2A 550 6-8 12" 100 225 450 12" x 4"
Jas-3A 500 10-12 14" 150 300 600 14" x 4"

Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the rights to alter and/or amend dimensions/design without prior notice.
The figure for capacities given are for guideline only may very force case to case and depending many factors.

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