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Jas Enterprises was established in 1990 to provide support to the food processing industry. Today we are a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Flour mill machinery and accessories including impat pulveriser, hammer mills, spice mill, grain and pulses grinder, pouning machines, indusrial flour mills, dry and wet pulveriser, wet pulveriser, mini pulveriser, jacketed mini pulveriser, multi chamber pulveriser, black pepper dal making machines, roll crusher, disc mill and many more food processing machines

Industrial Flour Mill Machine

Industrial Flour Mill MachineEnlarged View Description of industrial flour mill machine

Jas enterprise offer industrial flour mill machine, which grinds Gram dal, udad dal, moth dal, moong dal, and many more... Rice, maize, jowar, durra, bajri, ragi, wheat grits, maize grits et cetera it provided with a set of three numbers of perforated round holes screens it has also three meter cable with a plug top and fitted with ampere meter and miniature circuit breaker for overload protection for motor. Also equipped with beater are fully machined and balanced. It's feature includes dust free operation; does not waste product and cause no pollution hazards. Another feature of this mill is that effective and continuous crushing leads to increased production and faster return on investments.

Operating principle of industrial flour mill machine

Jas enterprise's industrial flour mill machines are durable utility grinders capable of grinding most pulses and grains. The Techno wings multipurpose industrial flour mill machine comprises of a heavy duty aluminum body (alternatively stainless steel construction can be provided in multipurpose industrial flour mill machine wherever necessary). Multipurpose industrial flour mill machine operate on the principle that most materials will grind or crush upon impact with the fixed hammers. The material is feed into a multipurpose industrial flour mill machine from the top back through gravity into the grinding chamber. The grinding chamber of multipurpose industrial flour mill machine is lined with serrated wear plates, which protects the body from wear and tear. Design provides for admitting extra air during grinding to facilitate cool operation. Soft to medium hard materials are quickly pulverized to fine powder. Improved mixing and dispersion are added advantages of such mills. Quite popularly, it is also called high speed close tolerance grains mill.
Uniformly fed material undergoes a complex grinding force through attrition between liner plate and hammer tip, impact of high speed hammers and collision between particles. Bottom sieve controls the particle size.

Outstanding features of industrial flour mill machine

  • Interchangeable screens in numerous sizes to produce the exact particle size desired
  • Easy to change screens in a variety of sizes
  • Easy access to industrial flour mill machine interior
  • Cold, dust free and silent running
  • All contacting parts are aluminum and stainless steel no corrosion hazards.
  • Low specific power consumption thus increased production leading to faster return on the investments.
  • Durable long life
  • Low temperature rise for heat sensitive materials

Construction of industrial flour mill machine

Industrial flour mill machine is made from heavy duty mild steel fabricated body. Heavy duty iron body is covered with stainless steel sheet. Aluminum grinding chamber lined with serrated wear steel plates, which protects the body from wear and tear. Grinding done by a set of fixed blades or hammers on a balanced rotor. A screen classifier forms the lower half of the grinding chamber.

Typical application of industrial flour mill machine

The techno wings industrial flour mill machine can be used for a wide range of application e.g. Gram dal, udad dal, moth dal, moong dal, and many more, rice, maize, jowar, durra, bajri, ragi, wheat grits, maize grits... and many more etc.

Technical specifications of industrial flour mill machine

Model no Jas 1302BL Jas 1305BL Jas 1310BL
Chamber size in mm Ø 250 x 125 Ø 300 x 150 Ø 390 x 200
Motor HP ( kW) 2 ( 1.75 kW) 5 (3.75 kW) 10 (7.5 kW)
Grinding rotor RPM 2880 2880 2880
Size of machine 36 x 50 x 93 cm 60 kilogram (approximate) 68 x 40 x115 cm 88 kilogram (approximate) 89 x 54 x 137 cm 200 kilogram (approximate)
Grinding capacity per hour 35 to 40 kilogram 85 to 90 kilogram 175 to 200 kilogram
Feeding Back top Back top Back top

Standard accessories of industrial flour mill machine

  • Two numbers cotton balloons.
  • Three sets of perforated round holes screens.
  • One numbers of ampere meter
  • Suitable totally enclosed fan cooled three phase or single phase sq. Cage motor {electricity (special power can be accommodated): 110/220/380/415 volts, 50/60 Hz, 1/3 phase }
  • Three meter three core cable suitable miniature circuit breaker with 3 pin top as per for single phase electric motor or three meter four core cable with suitable starter for three phase electric motors.

Extra accessories of industrial flour mill machine

  • Magnetic hopper
  • All contacting parts stainless steel 304 / 316 can be accommodated

Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the rights to alter and/or amend dimensions/design without prior notice.
The figure for capacities given are for guideline only may very force case to case and depending many factors.

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