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We specialize in catering to all of your commercial kitchen equipment needs. You can find all of your commercial kitchen equipment needs by browsing our great collection of start of the art, sustainable products and services. You can find commercial dry and wet pulveriser, wet grinder, dough kneader, different kind of chapati, roti making machines, automatic fruits and vegetable peeler, multipurpose vegetable cutter which can slice, grating, dice, cubes, strips, green chili cutter, onion chopper, mixer, grinder, blander, electric stirrer ( hand mixer / agitator ) , gas and electric grills, plates, dosa plates, and many more... You will fall in love with the results you get and the added bonus is that they are eco-friendly. Browse our selection today and find your favorite. This is all a equipment of us proving you with the best customer care and ensuring satisfaction.

Hand operated French fries making machine

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French Fries are quick to prepare and are a low food cost. They're popular all year round, any time of day or night. Not all potatoes will produce good french fries. For good fries potatoes need a high solids content to ensures a distinct, mealy texture and hearty flavor. They also absorb less oil, producing crispier fries. The low moisture content means less shrinkage for improved yield and extended plate coverage. Most russet potatoes will produce good french fries. The russet nugget variety will produce excellent fries. Proper storage temperatures are necessary to avoid sweet or dark fries so don't keep your potatoes in the refrigerator if you are going to make fries.
Enjoy restaurant-quality french fries without all the slicing and dicing. This simple to operate manual cutter features a stainless steel trough, sturdy frame and pusher block and a cast-iron handle. Will cut potatoes up to 6" long. Can be counter top mounted or vertically mounted on a wall. Capable of producing up to 50 lbs. of fries per hour. If smaller fries are desired, order the optional 1/4" cutting plate. For portable use, get the optional rubber feet and use the cutter on any table or counter top.

Preparation of french fries

french fries made from peeled potatoes should be chilled after cutting in cold water for 10 minutes to 30 minutes before frying, to ensure maximum crispiness and so they don't stick together while frying. To prevent darkening, add citrus acid or vinegar to the water solution. Spin dry before frying, to avoid water spattering and to reduce fat absorption Always use clean oil to fry potatoes. Make sure oil is the proper temperature before frying potatoes. Frying potatoes in cold oil will result in more oil absorption by the fries. The oil is the proper temperature when the fries don't sink when dropped in and bubbles remain on top.

Fry Tips

  • Overfilling the fry basket can result in limp fries, excess color variation and stuck together fries.
  • Store raw potatoes at 55°F. Too cold a temperature will result in sugar streaking or fries that look golden but are not thoroughly cooked.
  • To ensure proper fry color, make sure oil temperature is correct and not too hot, fries are left in oil for correct amount of time, and oil is not too old or dirty.

Never hold fries for more than 10 minutes. Hold at 300°F in a warming cabinet or at 100° - 120°F under a heat lamp or in a warm oven. Under-frying, salting too soon and leaving a basket over the fryer too long will result in poor texture and limp fries.To prevent excessive oil usage, drain baskets by shaking lightly, or increase frying. When frying the Norkotah variety, allow for more cook time by reducing the temperatures for blanching or finish frying.


  • Enjoy restaurant-quality fries
  • Easy-to-use manual potato cutter
  • Heavy-duty cast iron handle
  • Mount permanently, or keep portable with rubber feet

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