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Macaroni Making Machine

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Macaroni Making Machine

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Macaroni Making Machine

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Macaroni Making MachineMacaroni Making MachineFood Processing Machines
Macaroni or gold finger is a simple product made from maida and tapioca flour. This is a mass consumption item especially amongst children and youngsters. The product comes under "Ready-to-Eat" category and has become very popular throughout the country. Macaroni means a product made from a blend of flours. It is manufactured in different sizes, hollow or solid and for different cooking methods. Some are made for cooking whereas others for frying. This note is for macaroni or gold finger meant for frying.
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Macaroni Making Machine

Macaroni Making Machine
Macaroni Making Machine

Macaroni Making Machinenew

Our range of gold finger machines is widely used for optimum performance and low maintenance. Designed with the assistance of our advanced technology, these machines have variable speed adjustment to meet variations in material density and size. Available at market leading prices, these gold finger machines can be customized as per the specifications of our clients.
Macaroni is a simple product made from maida and tapioca flour with shape like a hollow tube or pipe in different sizes ranging from 1" to 4" long. Its shelf life is more than a month under normal conditions. It is available in different colours. This product is very popular across the country and can be made at a location which is closer to the market.
Gold fingers are very popular throughout the country especially amongst children and youngsters. It is one of the cheap eatables available in the market as compared to potato wafers, cheese balls or other such items in the same category. Its popularity in urban markets is limited but semi-urban and rural markets have witnessed substantial increase in demand. Since they enjoy considerable shelf-life, they are stored in households in large quantities. It has become a very popular snack food or lunch-box item. Since it is not a very costly item, people from all walks of life can afford it.

Market for gold fingers is scattered and they can be sold at many places. Hence, proper distribution arrangements must be made. They are generally salty but depending upon local tastes and liking some other suitable flavours can be made.

Manufacturing process of commercial Macaroni making machines :-

The process starts with dry mixing of maida, tapioca starch and soda bicarbonate in the vertical mixer. Then boiled water is added to this mix to prepare dough in the dough mixer. The time required is about 15 minutes. Kneaded dough is then taken to macaroni making machine where extruded material of desired shape and length is obtained by using an appropriate die. At this stage, the moisture content is around 10%. The product is collected in wooden trays where surface drying takes place and it becomes hard enough to be handled without sticking or being crushed. Then the product is semi dried by exposing to indirect sunrays or keeping in shade. This qualtiy of macaroni does not have satisfactory cooking quality as it gives heavy loss on cooking. Heat treatment can improve this quality but then it imparts brown colour which may not be liked by the consumers. The product can be exposed to steam for about 15 minutes and then dried. It increases the shelf life as the moisture content comes down to around 5%. Process loss is 8 to 10%. The process flow chart is as follows:

Mixing of ingredients
Dough Preparation
Drying and Packing

Specifications are below :

  • Power - 20 H.P. AC Motor
  • Cutter Drive - 1 H.P. DC Motor
  • App. Capacity kg/hr - 75
  • App. Machine Size (L x W x H)- 18'x2'x6'
  • Conveyor Drive - 1 H.P. AC Motor
  • Cutter - 1/2 (H.P) DC Motor

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Macaroni Making Machine

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