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Papad Making Machines

Papad Making Machines

Papads form a popular food adjunct in Indian dietary. It is a thin wafer-like product, circular in shape, rolled from dough made out of pulse flour, with or without added spices. Though traditionally confined to the household, papad making in recent years has developed into cottage scale and small-scale industry

Papad Rolling machine

Papad Rolling machineEnlarged View

These papad rolling machine are widely finds its application in various industrial as well as in commercial sectors. These papad rolling machine are available in market at very competitive and affordable prices.
It has dual rollers and circular rotating plate type mechanism for papad rolling, papad size is adjusted with the help of roller pressure. The machine is safe to use and easy to operate with by pedal. It is used for making papad, puri, chapati, thalipith and karanji.

Construction of Papad rolling machine

Jas handmade style papad machine consist heavy duty mild duty fabricated structure covered with stainless steel sheet. Cast iron chrome plated (stainless steel optional) palpate rotate by 0.5 H.P. (0.375 KW) electric motor. Mild steel chrome plated revolving guide having four numbers deep groove ball bearing which is drive by polpate. Moving of revolving guide is done by foot. Specialized limit switch is supplied with machine thus when revolving guide & polpat is came in contact electric motor will start.

Key features of handmade style papad machine

  • Unique and reliable design
    • The handmade style papad making machine are highly effective as well as nonstop continuous papad making process.
  • Robust construction & Low specific power consumption
  • Thickness of Papad, Mathia, Chorafali, can de regulated to match with your specifications.
  • Completely upgrade to suit your specific requirements
  • Modular design for easy transport & installation
  • Operated by Single / Three phase electric motor
  • A fully safe & covered body designed to prevent dust & control noise generation.

Process of manual papad making machine

Main ingredients of papad are pulse flour (preferably urad dhal), salt, carbonates, farinaceous material and water. At room temperature prepare the desired amount of dough with help of JAS flour kneading mixing machine or manual. After that, divide the dough into peach-size balls with help of JAS luva (loi) cutting machine or manual. Put this luva (peach size balls) between plastic sheets. After that you have to put that both sheet & loi between rotated polpat & revolving guide. Now, pressing the foot paddle this revolving guide is came near to rotated polpat. Rolling it up to your required size maximum 11" rolling is possible.

Standard accessories of manual papad making machine

  • Machine and motor pulley
  • Adjustable motor rails.
  • Five set of polyvinyl chloride sheets
  • Limit switch with suitable miniature circuit breaker for single phase motor only.

Extra accessories of manual papad making machine

  • 3 meter cable & 3 pin top as per is: 1293 for single phase electric motors.
  • Starters, main switch, ampere meter, capacitor for single phase electric motor.
  • Extra Five set of polyvinyl chloride sheets

Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the rights to alter and/or amend dimensions/design without prior notice.
The figure for capacities given are for guideline only may very force case to case and depending many factors.

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