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We specialize in manufacturing and export of super grade potato chips making machines, that are in wide demand in the global marketplace. For fabricating these machines, we use high grade of materials, procured from the reliable sources. From peeling, slicing to dehydrating & flavoring, these machines are useful for multiple applications. We offer wafer slicer machine, dehydrator machine, frying pan machine and many more. These machines are available in both standard and customized specifications as well. Our range includes Chips Making Machine, Wafer Slicer Machine, Dehydrator Machine, Frying Pan Machine & Oil Extraction Machine.
potato chips making machines

Potato Chips Making Machinenew

Item Code: Jas-9

Use for slicing the potato, with the help of specially design round cutting plate, provided with the machine, there are different types of plate, named as sally plate (useful for sticks like chips) and raffle plate (which comes with strip design on chips ). All plates have adjustable special material blade. our machine avoids less deposition of broken pieces in the disc. It is top feeding machine does not require much hard work easy to operate.

Flow diagram of of commercial Automatic potato chips making machine :-

The simplest chips of the kind that are just cooked and salted, but manufacturers can add a wide variety of seasonings of herbs, spices, cheese or artificial additives. Potato wafers must be manufactured in a scientific manner and under hygienic conditions. The production process mainly comprises of the following steps:-

Destoning & Washing
Slice Washing

The Manufacturing Process of Automatic potato chips making machine :-

The potatoes selected for wafers should be large oval shape free from disease & fully grown. potatoes should have the minimum numbers of eyes to cut down the losses by trimming. potatoes are before peeling them with the help of a peeler. ( for moder details of Potato Peeler Click Here ) Then these potatoes are trimmed and put in brine water for 30-35 minutes to prevent browning.
potatoes are sliced as per required thickness in a slicing machine. The slice are again placed in cold water whenever their is considerable delay you can subsequent operation of blanching. Then slice are kept in water containing 0.05% potassium metabisulphite to avid oxidation. The slice are blanched for 3 to 5 minutes in boiling water and spread on trays at the rate of 4.88 kg to 7.30 kg per square meter tray surface, The blanched chips are then subject to hydro Extracting machine (Centrifugal) to remove excess of water and fried in edible oil at 140-240° c, for 3-4 minutes. The fried potato wafer are then kept on sieve to remove excess of oil. The fried chips are then subject to hydro Extracting machine (Centrifugal) to remove excess of oil. This wafer and other ingredients like salts, spicy mixture is sprayed as per required taste. Now this potato wafers are then packed in the bags and sealed.

Quality Control Process Automatic potato chips making machine

  • Preventing breakage must be a primary goal of the producer and to ensure minimum breakage companies should install safeguards at various points of the production process
  • The color is compared to charts that show acceptable chip colors across the processed food industry norms
  • The quality inspectors should also check the chips for salt, seasoning, moisture, color, and overall flavor.

Uses of Automatic potato chips making machine : -

The potato wafer machine is specially designed for production of Potato chips of different qualities - Plain, Crinkle, Strip cut and 'V' cut Potato sticks.

Key Features of Automatic potato chips making machine:-

Automatic potato chips making machine provide uniformly slices with excellent results. Easy operating system and simplified design needed less maintenance and easy to cleaning. Different types of cut like round cut, oval cut and length cut with best results. Interchangeable cutting head enable the processor to change the different types of cut within seconds.

 Extra Accessories of Automatic potato chips making machine

  • Extra Blades as above Image.
  • Suitable miniature circuit breaker for over load protraction of Single Phase Electric Motor.
  • starters, main switch, ampere meter, capacitor for three Phase Electric Motor.
  • Peeler
  • Oil / Water Extractor
  • Suitable 4 pole totally enclosed fan cooled single or three phase Sq. cage motor as per IS: 325 or 996 is supplied with Vegetable Cutter {Electricity (Special power can be accommodated): 220/380/415 V0lts, 50/60 Hz , 3 Phase }
  • Two numbers of Blades ( one Number for Slicing , one number for sali wafer which are most of all use for farali chevada)

Technical Spacification of Potato's wafer, chips, crisps making machines

Model no Electric Motor Production Capacity Per Hour


Jas-PCM-01 1 H.P. ( 0.75 Kw.) 350 to 400 Kilogram per hour 750 mm X 350 mm X 950 mm
Jas-PCM-02 0.5 H.P. ( 0.38 Kw.) 100 to 150 Kilogram per hour

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